Storyline Update 1


Chapter One: Our party meets for the first time in Baldur’s Gate. They explore local goings on, and attend the execution of a mass murder. Learned of Bearded Raahm and his legendary magic tower beneath the city.

  • Morgran addressed Strife the Drow by saying, " Try not to eat any babies while we’re here! "
  • Arumus led the way to a tavern/inn he knew of in the Twin Song district called the Flying Buttress
  • Group learns of The Bloodhawk murders, and the upcoming execution
  • Armus drops coin to the bartender for information about Victor Mekrum
  • Armus found lodging at a temple for the four of them…it was a makeshift area originally used to raise chickens and messenger pigeons
  • Group splits up the next morning: Armus and Stevesrad attend a bath house while Morgran and strife explore Bloom Ridge for an outfitter who sells cloaks
  • Party eventually arrives at Naerhand Square, the site of the upcoming execution


Niro Niro

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