Storyline Update 1


Chapter One: Our party meets for the first time in Baldur’s Gate. They explore local goings on, and attend the execution of a mass murder. Learned of Bearded Raahm and his legendary magic tower beneath the city.

  • Morgran addressed Strife the Drow by saying, " Try not to eat any babies while we’re here! "
  • Arumus led the way to a tavern/inn he knew of in the Twin Song district called the Flying Buttress
  • Group learns of The Bloodhawk murders, and the upcoming execution
  • Armus drops coin to the bartender for information about Victor Mekrum
  • Armus found lodging at a temple for the four of them…it was a makeshift area originally used to raise chickens and messenger pigeons
  • Group splits up the next morning: Armus and Stevesrad attend a bath house while Morgran and strife explore Bloom Ridge for an outfitter who sells cloaks
  • Party eventually arrives at Naerhand Square, the site of the upcoming execution
Storyline Update 2


Chapter Two: The execution took a terrible turn. The axe handler purposefully set the Bloodhawk free, and the released captive made a mad dash for escape. The party defeated the mad exectioner, killed the Bloodhawk, and searched for clues behind the murder. They also muscle their way into the dealings of the Naerhand merchant house, and the paladin covertly joins the Flaming Fists. Meanwhile, interest in the urban legend of the lost Tower of Bearded Raahm reaches a peak, and the party heads toward the sewers.

  • Party meets the Naerhand family, and gains some temporary employment opportunity / lodging as thanks for helping re-capture the Bloodhawk
  • Party learns that Gareau Naerhand interrogated the Bloodhawk, and the only information he shared was a cryptic blurb about “The King That Crawls”. Gareau Naerhand died during the Bloodhawk’s escape and could not be questioned further
  • Strife knows some things about The King that Crawls as he is from the underdark
  • Strife took off in the middle of the night to investigate the bloodhawk’s tower. He also noticed a few entrances to the sewers during his travels, and noticed one at the base of the tower itself
  • Armus Stride covertly joins the Flaming Fists and dazzles the district commander with diplomacy
  • Armus also inquired with the chartography guild about procuring a map of the city, and paid the clerk for an “off the record” rough copy of the city map


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