Chapter One

Morgran and Strife arrived at Baldur’s Gate near mid-day, and found the lands around the city were filled haphazardly with trade caravans and campsites from lands near and far. As the dwarf and drow filtered through the city gate, so too did a human paladin named Armus, and a storm genasi named Stevesrad.

After a brief interaction with a guard at the gate, the blue genasi warrior engaged the paladin in conversation, having discovered the human was somewhat familiar with Baldur’s Gate. Behind them, Morgran and Strife mixd themselves into the conversation and together the travelers found food.

The four of them found food at the Flying Buttress, a well-known tavern at the edge of the Twin Songs district. Packed to the rafters and every seat filled, they eventually found a table and began to feast on roast boar. The group mixed into the open chatter around the room, and discovered a few things:

  • A mass murder had been plaguing the outer wards of Baldur’s Gate for weeks, but was recently apprehended and is slated for beheading the following day at Naerhand Square.
  • Rooms for rent are scarce during the Blue Phonix Faire.
  • Armus Stride approached the barkeep (and slipped him a coin) looking for information on his father’s murderer, Victor Mekrum. The barkeep provided some minor detail and hearsay, but would said he would “see what he could find out”.

After spending the evening in the swept chicken house of a local church, Stev and Armus made their way to a nearby bath house, The Silverdrake, while Morgran and Strife wandered the meandering streets of Bloomridge District to find the drow a hooded cloak.

The four men made their way down the main road and out to the outer ward to find Naerhand Square, and watch the exection. All was well until the axe handler checked his swing and brought it down on the prisoner’s restraints instead of his murderous neck.

Chapter One

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