• Armus Stride

    Armus Stride

    Paladin on a quest for vengenance
  • Bearded Raahm

    Bearded Raahm

    Mysterious dwarf who appeared in Baldur's Gate during the Year of Blue Fire
  • Kolon Grikker

    Kolon Grikker

    Barkeep at Flying Buttress | Contact for Armus Stride
  • Morgran


    Dwarven Runepriest
  • Sergeant Karta Trik

    Sergeant Karta Trik

    Flaming Fist commander / Armus Contact
  • Stevesrad Sith

    Stevesrad Sith

    Lighting flinging, greatsword wielding bad ass.
  • Strife


    A Drow rogue, if you have seen Strife you are on his good side or it is already too late for you.
  • The Bloodhawk

    The Bloodhawk

    Mass-murderer who ravaged the streets of Baldur's Gate
  • Torog


    God of torture and imprisonment | The King that Crawls | Ruler of the Underdark