Chapter Two

Naerhand Square was filled to capacity with mourners and onlookers awaiting the execution. The Bloodhawk had visited more senseless bloodshed upon the city than many had ever seen, and was certainly the most vicious mass murderer to date. With seemingly no motive for the killings, all the residents in the eastern outer ward were fearful of leaving their homes, and for good reason.

When the Bloodhawk was marched by armed escort onto the chopping block platform, the crowd hushed with quiet tension as the people eyed the killer for the first time. Foregoing a fancy speech, the “event organizer” (if you will), ordered the beheading to proceed at once.

The guards placed the murderer’s head upon the block, and just as the axe handler raised his monstrous axe to the sky, a war-wagon charged around the corner of the square and plowed into the throngs of onlookers. Chaos commanded the scene, and screams erupted from silence. When the executioner brought the blade down, it snapped the Bloodhawk’s restraints and purposefully set the Bloodhawk free! The newly released captive recovered from the sudden surprise and made a mad dash for escape though the confusion.

Key Encounter Points:

  • Bloodhawk is getting away. He needs to be captured or killed
  • Executioner is swinging his axe in wild challenge, cutting down guards like it’s harvest time
  • War Wagon is charging through the crowd, killing innocents, and likely will assist in the Bloodhawk’s getaway

Encounter Summary

  • War Wagon was ultimately stopped by Morgran Anvil with dramatic flair! Upon mounting the wagon, he approached the two drivers and smashed their heads into one another, killing them both instantly. Note: Armus tried diligently to mount the wagon, but failed to do so.
  • Executioner was eliminated by the combined efforts of Stevesrad and Armus. Stev punished the half-ork with fearful lightning attacks, which attracted the attention of Armus. Armus ditched his efforts at the war wagon just in time to see Stev cut down by the executioner. After healing Stev and saving his life, Armus valiantly dispatched with the giant executioner.
  • Meanwhile, Strife dropped from his vantage on nearby scaffoldings and joined Morgran in the procured war wagon to pursure the Bloodhawk in a chase through the streets, and eventually across rooftops. In a very unsteriotypical display of skill, Morgran the nimble, dwarven warrior lept from rooftop to rooftop with the greatest of ease, while Strife the drow rogue struggled and fell (saving himself by successfully grabbing onto a clothesline). Ulimately, the duo killed the already heavily damaged Bloodhawk and returned with the body to Naerhand Square.

Additional key points of this session:

  • Party meets the Naerhand family, and gains some temporary employment opportunity and lodging
  • Party learns that Gareau Naerhand interrogated the Bloodhawk, and the only information he shared was something about “The King That Crawls”. Gareau Naerhand died during the Bloodhawk’s escape
  • Strife knows some things about The King that Crawls as he is from the underdark
  • Strife took off in the middle of the night to investigate the bloodhawk’s tower. He also noticed a few entrances to the sewers during his travels, and noticed one at the base of the tower itself
  • Armus Stride covertly joins the Flaming Fists and dazzles the district commander with diplomacy
  • Armus also inquired with the chartography guild about procuring a map of the city, and paid the clerk for an “off the record” rough copy of the city map

Chapter Two

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