The Flying Buttress

An Inn on the outskirts of Twin Songs district. Armus had familiarity with it from his last trip through Baldur’s Gate, so he led the party there for dinner on their first evening in town.

The tavern is built alongside what was once a great cathedral, but now is only a partial wall with a few buttresses to support it. The building had fallen to ruin long ago, but a brewmaster cobbled together a roof and walls to seal off the remaining structure and claim the site as his own.

Through the decades, the small brewery has evolved into a multi-story establishment with rooms and an eating hall. Though its appointments are modest to many standards, its size and popularity suggest a highly profitable business.

Food and drink are priced slightly lower than other eateries in the district, but the menu is simple in comparison as well.

Accomodations are overpriced, but one meal is served with the cost of a rental, and the rooms are safe, quiet, and secure.

The Flying Buttress

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