Party Notes

Everything we have found so far points to heading into the sewers and possibly the underdark. We need to investigate the Bloodhawks tower more closely. Our foray into the sewers should probably start there.

There is a lumber shortage in the area that may be worth investigating at some point when we can get paid for looking into it.

Information from session 3…
The Bloodhawks tower had little in it. He apparently lived on the top floor where there are two circles of runes or text written in blood. One was on the wall and one on the floor. From what we could tell the circles were used for communication rituals. Someone used fire to weaken the floor and drop a safe from the top floor. They were unsuccessful in opening it though. We used a knock scroll and Strife’s skills to get in. Inside was the bell and mount.

We entered what appeared to be the entrance to the towers old cesspit. From there we found our way into the sewers. Armus mapped the sewers and Stev used chalk marks to keep there directions straight. While in the sewers we faced rat piles, dire rats, and a mixed bag of goblins. After making some knowledge checks we realize that goblins worship the King that Crawls. Also rats are totem animals of his. In the final room we checked we faced a huge snake. The drain in the room had a ladder that led down and seemed to have been used recently.

The goal of the whole search is to try and find the underground tower that was used by a reclusive mage and tinkerer before the spellplague took place. The tower is said to hold vast treasure. We have to be careful because ancient traps may still be in place.

Using the goblin heads to prove their existence within the city sewers we may be able secure a job exploring the sewers and ridding them of the goblins. Stev plans to bring this too the Naerhands first, but we may have to go to the inner city and shop around for a more official employer.

Party Notes

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